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How do I change the login password for my Zoho Vault account?

Zoho provides single sign-on service across the suite. If you change the password for your Zoho Vault account, it will be changed for all other Zoho services. Follow the below instructions to change the login password for your Zoho suite applications:

  1. Log in to Zoho Vault.

  2. Click My Account in the top-right corner of the web interface. A new Zoho Accounts tab will open.

  3. Click the Security button in the menu on the left

  4. Click the Change Password option and enter the following details:
    • Current Password
    • New Password
    • Re-enter New Password

Password Requirements:

  • Cannot be same as your username
  • Length should not be less than 8 characters
  • Length should not be greater than 250 characters
  • Must contain at least 1 numeric character
  • Should contain both uppercase and lowercase character
  • Should not be same as your last 3 passwords
  1. You can also terminate all active web browser and mobile app sessions by selecting the respective tick boxes.
  2. Click Save. 

Tip: You cannot change the login password for other users

How do I reset my Zoho Vault account password?

If you have forgotten your Zoho Vault account password, you can reset it by following the below instructions:

  1. From your browser, go to

  2. Click the Forgot Password link that appears below the Password field.

  3. Specify your registered email address or mobile number of your Zoho account that you wish to receive the password reset instructions.  
  4. Enter the Captcha and click the Request button. You will receive an email with a link to reset your Zoho Account password.
  5. Click the link, set a new password for your Zoho Account and click the Change button to reset the Zoho account sign-in password.
  6. Click the Continue to Sign In link to access Zoho Vault with the new password.


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