Change Passphrase

Change Your current Passphrase

Industry best practices recommend that passwords be changed periodically. Routinely changing passwords helps you stay clear of the threat posed by malicious users. The security of your Zoho Vault account directly depends on the strength of your passphrase. Periodically changing the passphrase is strongly recommended. Zoho Vault allows you to quickly change it any time you want. To change your existing passphrase -

  1. Click on the 'Settings' tab. Select the 'Change your passphrase' button from the left panel.
  2. Enter the passphrase data as instructed in the dialog boxes and click 'Change Passphrase'.

The passphrase you specify is not stored anywhere. That means, if you forget the passphrase, there is nothing Zoho can do to recover it. Also, you will lose access to all the stored passwords. So, take care not to forget the passphrase.

The 'change passphrase' action is audited and is reflected in the audit trails.

Note : If you want to change your existing passphrase, Zoho Vault has to decrypt all your data, and encrypt it once again using your new passphrase. So, if you have stored a large number of secrets, Vault will take a few minutes to complete the operation.

Change Your Passphrase

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