When you run an enterprise, it is normal to have scores of passwords which may be of different types. Segregating them and organizing them into neat groups can help you in administering a smoother Password Management process. To facilitate this, Zoho Vault provides the option to create 'Chambers'.

What is a Chamber?

A chamber in Zoho Vault basically represents a group of secrets. Just as you group your users based on their job roles or the department they belong to, you can create a chamber by grouping the passwords belonging to a department (Sales, Finance) OR passwords of a specific type (Windows, Unix) OR any such logic based on your needs.

How do you create Chambers?

To add new chambers, go to 'Chambers' page available under the 'Secrets' tab and click on 'Add'. In the new page that opens, you can name the chamber and add in the required secrets from the list of secrets displayed.

How to add a Sub-chamber?

  • Navigate to Secrets >> Chambers >> Add
  • Enter name and select the parent chamber using the drop-down option.
  • Add Description (optional)
  • Select the list of secrets that should be added to this sub-chamber
  • Click Save.

Note: A maximum of two levels of sub-chambers alone could be added under a parent chamber.

Why do you need Chambers in Zoho Vault?

As employees in an organization are usually grouped based on departments, divisions, teams, job profiles, location and other parameters, there may arise a situation when you have to share a group of passwords to a particular department or a team. This is where Chambers come in handy.

For instance, assume you want to share the credentials of all your social networking accounts (Twitter, Facebook etc.) with your Online Marketing Team. In case there are around 20 such passwords in your Vault, the whole process becomes cumbersome if you have to share every password separately 20 times. Therefore, to make this process of bulk sharing simple and slick, Zoho Vault provides its users with an option to create 'Chambers'. Now, with a single click, you can share a chamber that contains all social media credentials to the Online Marketing team. In short, you can streamline your bulk sharing operations with ease.

Who can add Chambers?

Unlike User group creation, adding a new chamber is not restricted to just the Super-admin. It can also be added by admins or users.

When a user creates a new chamber, he/she can add enterprise secrets that have been shared to him/her with any permission level. But, in case a user wants to share a chamber with other Users/User Groups, the chamber has to contain only the following types of secrets:

  1. Secrets owned by the user
  2. Secrets shared to the user with Manage permission

Licensing Restrictions:

A Standard Plan for Zoho Vault supports creation of chambers but not sharing them with Users/User groups. But, the Professional Plan covers both creation and sharing of chambers. For more details on Plans & Pricing, click here

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