What kind of cancellation metrics and reports does Zoho Subscriptions support?

You can access Zoho Subscriptions’ cancellation reports by going to the Reports module from the left sidebar. You’ll find the following reports under the Churn section.

  • Under Risk - Subscriptions that are currently dunning or were dunning over a period of time.
  • Non Renewing Profiles- Subscriptions that are scheduled to be canceled at the end of the current term.
  • Churn Rate - Percentage of churn on a particular day.
  • Churned After Retries - Subscriptions that were canceled because of payment failures.
  • Churned Subscriptions - Canceled subscriptions.
  • Net Cancellations - Total number of cancellations, accounting for reactivated subscriptions as well.
  • Subscriptions Expiry - Expired Subscriptions.

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