What are all the email notifications that I would receive?

By default, you will receive the following three email notifications from Zoho Subscriptions.

  • Online payment received - from hosted payment page, invoice link and Customer Portal.
  • Subscription renewal failure - for initial attempt failure and every retry attempts failure.
  • Undelivered emails - Zoho Subscriptions can send email notifications on your behalf to your customers to keep them informed about their Zoho Subscriptions. If any of those emails fails to get delivered, you will be notified.

You can also choose to receive notifications related to a product by adding your email address in the Notification Mail Address field in the product edit/create screen. You will receive the following product related notifications,

  • New subscriptions
  • Upgrade subscriptions
  • Subscriptions Renewal
  • Subscription Renewal ahead
  • One time add-on purchase
  • Downgrade Subscription
  • Subscription Cancel
  • ACH payment failure
  • ACH payment 1st retry failure
  • ACH payment 2nd retry failure
  • ACH payment final retry failure
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