Add-ons and Integrations

There's a lot you can do with our robust and powerful API's. Take a look at our add-on partners listed below. We are also keen to hear if you have any interesting integration ideas!

Zoho Apps


    Instantly capture financial transactions of your subscription business in Zoho Books


    Connect to Zoho CRM and sync all your contacts and accounts in Zoho Subscriptions.


    Slice and Dice Zoho Subscriptions data with Zoho Creator through effortless API calling.


    Get notifications related to subscriptions and its payments in your Zoho Cliq channel.

Mobile Apps

  • Get your key business insights and subscription and payment notifications right to the palm of your hand.

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    Track your business' signups, cancellations, activations, and get payment notifications on your mobile.

Cloud Integrators

G Suite

  • With G Suite import your Google Contacts as customers and manage their subscriptions in Zoho Subscriptions.

  • Track visitors to your store, and generate reports that will help you with your marketing with Google Analytics.


    For all web app lovers, Zoho Subscriptions is now available in Chrome Webstore.

Payment Gateways

Content Management System

  • Zoho Subscriptions plugin for WordPress allows you to easily embed your plan specific checkout page in an iframe with just few mouse clicks and without a single line of code.

Other Integrations

  • Receive notification in Slack about your customers’ subscription payment activities.

  • Import your Office 365 contacts into Zoho Subscriptions and manage your business instantly.