How do I remove some of my employees from a pay run?

Sometimes it’s the case that some of your employees are seasonal workers and do not work every week. In such a scenario, you would want to skip those employees from your pay run. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Go to the specific payroll from the Pay Runs tab.
  2. click the More (…) icon near the employee’s name you want to skip.
  3. click Skip from this payroll.
  4. Enter a reason and click Proceed.
  5. The employees you skipped will not be paid for this pay period.

Skipping employees will only affect the current payroll. If you want to skip them in future pay runs as well, you can repeat the above steps every time you run payroll.

Note: Deductions and benefit contributions will not be withheld for the skipped employees for this pay period.