How do I give bonuses to my employees?

Bonus payments are an amazing way to thank your employees for their contribution to the company’s growth. Employees feel more valued when they receive bonuses.

To create a bonus payroll,

  1. In the Pay Runs tab, click Create Pay Run in the top right corner.​
  2. Select New Bonus Payroll from the drop down.
  3. Select a pay period if its applicable. Suppose, if it’s a performance based bonus, you might have to enter a pay period. Else, you can leave this blank.​
  4. Enter the gross amount for each employee.​
  5. You can also remove employees from this payroll by clicking the cross (x) button.
  6. Select a pay day for this payroll.
  7. Hit Save and Continue.

Approve the payroll once you have checked all the details.