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How do I filter my customers?

Customers can be filtered and viewed in two ways, either according to level of activity, or according to what category they fall under. Customers belonging to any one such type can be viewed separately by going to the customers tab, clicking on the drop down arrow above the customer list and selecting the type of customers you want shown up on your screen. The various types are briefly explained,

1) According to Category:-

  • All Customers – These refer to all your customers to whom you sell your goods/services.
  • CRM Customers – These are the customers that you have imported into Zoho Invoice from Zoho CRM.
  • G Suite Customers – In case your Zoho Invoice is integrated with your google account, your google customers will be shown up under this heading.

2) According to level of activity -

  • Active – Active customers are those with whom transactions are taking place or about to take place. As such, all customers have the Active status unless marked inactive.
  • Inactive – This status is assigned to the customers which have been manually marked as inactive, or whose transactions have been transferred to a Master customer after merging.

3) According to status -

  • Duplicate – Duplicate customers are the ones which were created with same names.
  • Customer Portal Enabled - This filter lists out the customers for whom, you have enabled customer portal access.
  • Customer Portal Disabled - These customers do not have access to the customer portal.

4) According to payment status:-

  • Overdue Customers - This list includes those customers, whose invoices are still unpaid, past the due date.
  • Unpaid Customers - These customers have invoices, which are yet to be paid by them.
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