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Signing up for Zoho Invoice

To get started, click on the Sign Up button from the Zoho Invoice homepage. Fill out this information in the sign up form:

Now, click on the Sign Up Now button to finish the process and begin setting up your account.

Signup for Zoho Invoice

An account verification link will be sent to your email address. Click on the link provided to confirm and verify your email address. Once you finish the verification, your account will be activated.

Setting Up your Account

After the sign up process, you will be directed to the setup page where Zoho Invoice will help you capture some basic information to set up your business and begin invoicing.

Signup for Zoho Invoice

Portal Name - This is automatically generated. You can also set your own portal name. The client portal helps your customers to access their estimates, invoices, and make online payments.

Add organization address - Click here to add your organization’s address.

Signup for Zoho Invoice

If your business is liable to collect sales tax, then choose “Is your business liable to collect sales tax?

organization Logo - Click on Upload Your Logo if you wish to display your organization’s logo while creating invoices. The logo must be according to the specifications mentioned below the Upload Your Logo option.

Invoice Template - You can choose the template you wish to use for invoices here. Click on the template to see the available options and hit Select after choosing the template.

Once you have finished the initial setup, you will be directed to the Zoho Invoice dashboard page where you can start invoicing your customers.

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