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After enabling GST in Zoho Expense, what are the additional information I should fill in while recording an expense?

Once GST is enabled and if it is applicable to the expense recorded, you will have to fill in the following:

  • Tax type: Choose if the expense was incurred within India (Domestic), for import of goods and/or service or, if it lies outside the scope of GST. 
  • GSTIN: GST Identification Number (GSTIN) is unique to a merchant/vendor. You will find this on the bill/invoice/receipt you receive from the merchant. If the expense was incurred with an unregistered merchant, you can skip this field. 
  • Destination of Supply: The place where the Goods or Service was received by the employee. 
  • Tax: Select the tax mentioned in the receipt. 
  • SAC/HSN: Provide the SAC/HSN of the service or goods for which the expense was incurred. 
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