Zoho Expense - Zoho People Integration

Keep all your employee data in sync between Zoho Expense and Zoho People. Every time you add, delete, or update user information in Zoho People, it gets automatically updated in Zoho Expense.

Note: Before you set up the sync, ensure that you are an admin in an organization in Zoho People as well.

Set up the Sync

  1. Log into your Zoho Expense account.
  2. Click Admin View.
  3. Click the Gear icon at the top right side.
    Go to Settings on the left sidebar.
    Set up Zoho People
  4. Go to HR & Projects under Integrations.
    Set up Zoho People
  5. Click Zoho People.
    Set up Zoho People
  6. Click Try Now. You will be redirected to the Module sync section.
    Set up Zoho People

Sync Modules with Zoho People

Departments and Users:

  1. Click Sync People Departments to import all the Departments from Zoho People. Departments will be automatically assigned to the users imported from Zoho People.

    Note: Please make sure to import Departments before importing users. This will ensure that the imported users will be assigned departments.

    Set up Departments sync Sync Departments
  2. Click Configure Now next to users. Configure Users
  3. In the page that follows, map Zoho People fields with corresponding Zoho Expense fields. Map Fields
  4. Employees who have users reporting to them will be added as Approvers. Other employees will be added as Submitters. You can change these user roles later.
  5. Click Edit to make changes in this setup later. Edit integration


  1. Click Sync People Clients to import all your Clients from Zoho People.
  2. Clients will be added as Customers in Zoho Expense.
  3. Click Instant Sync, if you want the changes to reflect immediately. Set up Clients sync Sync Clients

Means of Sync

There are two ways by which the sync occurs:

  1. Daily sync
  2. Instant Sync

Daily sync

  • Newly added Employees, Departments, and Clients (since the previous sync) will be automatically imported to Zoho Expense via the daily sync.
  • This sync occurs once a day.

Instant sync

  • You can also manually sync the data from your Zoho People account by using the Instant Sync option.
  • But, using this option will import all of your data (departments, clients and employees) from Zoho People along with the data since your previous sync.

Other Options

  • You can check the status of your sync by clicking Show Sync History.
  • Similarly, you can Disable Sync for a particular module, as shown below.

Sync History and Disable options

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