How do I notify approvers when transactions are submitted for approval?

It is a good practice to give timely updates to the approvers in your organization whenever a user creates a transaction. This helps them take relevant actions on the transaction. Zoho Books provides features to automate this process, allowing you to worry less about sending notifications and focus more on your business.

To configure notification preferences for transaction approvals:

  • Go to Settings in the top right corner of the page.
  • Click Approvals under Organization.
  • Select the preferred module.
  • Select the required approval preference.
  • Check the box Send email and in-app notifications when transactions are submitted for approval under Notification Preferences.
  • Click Save.

Once you configure the notification preferences, Zoho Books will send automated email and in-app notifications to the approvers every time a transaction is submitted for approval.

However, the notification preferences vary for each approval preference.

If you select the option All approvers can approve, you can choose any one of the following notification preference:

  • Notify all approvers when a non-approver submits a transaction
  • Notify all approvers when an approver/non-approver submits a transaction
  • Notify a specific email address

If you select the option Configure multi-level approval with specific approvers, the email and in-app notification will be sent to the Level 1 approver when a transaction is created. Once the Level 1 approver approves, the Level 2 approver will be notified. Likewise, the notifications will be sent to all the subsequent approvers.

Learn more about Transaction Approvals>.

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