Stripe - Zoho Books Integration

Stripe is one of the world’s leading online payment service providers helping out individuals and businesses to accept payments. Now Stripe merchants can integrate with Zoho Books to track their sales and consolidated payments they receive on a daily basis.

Why Integrate Stripe with Zoho Books?

Track payments you receive on sales through your Stripe account. All these transactions are a virtual projection in your Zoho Books account, paving way for an easy reconciliation process.


Sync the information from your Stripe account to Zoho Books to keep track of your sales and the money Stripe owes you. You can select the appropriate accounts from your Chart of Accounts or create an account in the setup page to track sales and Stripe fees.

Setting Up Stripe

To set up Stripe integration, navigate to Settings > Integrations > Online Payments and click on Connect with Stripe placed in the same tab as Stripe.

Setting up Stripe

Connecting to Stripe

On clicking on Connect with Stripe, you will be navigated to the Stripe login page. You will be asked to enter your Stripe credentials to connect with Zoho Books.

Logging In to Stripe Selecting Stripe accounts

On connecting Stripe with Zoho Books, the Stripe Account Name will be shown and a green coloured success message will signify that the account is successfully connected.

Until now, your payment gateway has been set up. To monitor all your sales, Stripe fees and the amount, click the Configure to track Stripe transactions button.

Integrating with Stripe

Note: You will be able to track only the transactions that are available in Stripe after the date of setting up the integration.

Configuring Stripe Integration

On clicking the Configure to track Stripe transactions button, you will be able to view the configuration section.

Map Accounts

Map accounts to track Stripe fees and the sales from Stripe transactions.

Mapping Accounts

Zoho Books also supports Stripe accounts holding bank accounts with multiple currencies.
Mapping Accounts

Monitoring Stripe Clearing in Zoho Books

The Stripe clearing account in the Banking module will give you insights on the transactions that happened on a daily basis. You can easily have a clear picture of the consolidated sales that happened, the fees Stripe has charged for the transactions, refunds if any and the amount transferred to your bank account by Stripe. If there are any pending amount that Stripe owes you, it will be shown as Amount in Zoho Books on the main tab.

Monitoring Stripe Clearing

Also can be viewed from the Banking main window,

Monitoring Stripe Clearing

Transactions Involved in Stripe Clearing Account

Type Description
Sales without Invoices Total amount of previous day’s consolidated sales processed through your Stripe account.
Sales Return Amount refunded through your Stripe account.
Stripe Fees The fees Stripe charges for every transaction processed through their service.
Transfer Fund The amount Stripe deposits in your bank account.
Customer Payment The amount received for the invoices sent via Zoho Books.

Monitoring Information in Stripe with Zoho Books

This section will help you in understanding how to monitor the sales information from Stripe with Stripe clearing account in Zoho Books, so you can regularly check with the amount Stripe owes you and the amount Stripe has deposited in your bank.

In Stripe

Select the Dashboard and you will be able to get the Last Transfer, Next Transfer and the Total Volume of sales, by selecting the date range.

Monitoring in Stripe

You can also check the payments accepted, refunds made and their breakups from the Payments tab. Transfers made to your bank account and the money Stripe owes you, can be checked from the Transfers and Balance tab.

Stripe Clearing Account

Navigate to the banking module and select the Stripe Clearing account which tracks the transactions processed through Stripe. For every amount that Stripe deposits in your bank account, a transaction type Transfer Fund will be created in your clearing account.

Monitoring in Stripe Clearing

To cross verify the amount deposited in your bank account by Stripe, select your bank account in which you have configured to track the Stripe deposits. You will be able to find a transaction with type Transfer Fund and the amount would be recorded as Deposits.

Cross verified monitoring

Transaction Charges

The online transaction fees will depend upon the charges specified by Stripe.


Have detailed insights and reports on the transactions involving Stripe. Navigate to the Reports module,

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