Estimate Preferences

There are a host of preferences that you can configure for the Estimates module in Zoho Books.

Estimate Preferences

In this page, you’ll have the following sections:

Edit Invoiced Estimates

An estimate can be converted into an invoice in Zoho Books. If you want to allow estimates which are invoiced to be edited, mark the box Allow editing of Invoiced Estimates?.

When you make any changes to an invoiced estimate, the changes won’t reflect in the invoice. You’ll have to convert the edited estimate to a new invoice.

Conversion of Estimate to Invoice

When you send estimates to your customers, they can either accept or reject it. If they accept your estimate, the estimate can be automatically converted into an invoice. In other words, a new invoice is generated for the accepted estimate. You can decide how this new invoice is saved:

Save as Draft: The invoice will be saved in the Draft status and will not affect any of your reports.

Save and Send: The invoice generated for the estimate will be emailed to the customer provided you have saved the email address of the contact. Otherwise, it will be saved in the Draft status.

Fields in an Estimate

You can enable/disable the following fields to be displayed on your estimates:

Terms & Conditions

Enter the Terms and Conditions of your business to be displayed in your estimates.

Customer Notes

Enter any notes that you want to display in your estimates for your customers.

After configuring the desired preferences, click Save at the bottom of the page.

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