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All your Accounts in one Place

It is important to know and record the whereabouts of your money accurately. With Zoho Books you can update bank accounts and credit card accounts automatically and eliminate data entry. Whether you hold a single or multiple bank accounts, you can organize and manage all banking records in one place easily.

Automatic Bank Feeds

Why waste your precious time with manual entry of every transaction and reconciling every month, when you can mechanize this process like clockwork. Set up your bank accounts with Zoho Books once and it automatically imports every transaction from your account, which will help you make well informed business decisions right away.

Eliminate manual entry with auto bank feeds

Auto-Categorization of Transactions

Need to categorize your transactions in an organized manner without spending hours on it? No problem! With Bank rules in Zoho Books, you can state and edit as many criteria as you want, to organize your accounts. The bank rules in Zoho Books simply scans across your transactions and organizes it as per your criteria

Define rules and categorize bank transactions

Easy Import of Bank Statements

If you want to import bank statements to your Zoho Books account, we have that option too! Zoho Books allows you to easily import your financial statements in formats like .ofx , .qif , .tsv or .csv .

Import bank statements into Zoho Books

Leave No Transaction Unturned

With Zoho Books you can enter all transactions manually if you prefer. You may record a deposit, withdrawal and fund transfer. In the case of a credit card you may record credit card charges, expenses, payments and credits.

Add transactions manually

All Features

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