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Impressing your customers

Show your appreciation and care by in Zoho Inventory by associating a customized price lists to a customer, sending thank you notes on payment and by applying inventory templates to your transactions & email templates to your communication which are sure to leave a lasting impression.

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Associating a price list to a customer

Price lists give you the ability to create lists with customized item prices by either marking up or marking down the selling prices of your entire inventory by a percentage. You also have the ability to create independent price lists where you can configure the prices of only select items manually.

Learn more about Price Lists here

Applying a price list during contact creation

When you create a new contact (both customers / vendors), you will notice the presence of a field called Price Lists under the Tax & Payment Details.(For this field to be present in the contact creation page, you must first enable Price Lists from item preferences and must have created at least one price list)

Using this field, you will be able to associate a particular price list to this contact and henceforth all the sales/purchase transactions for this contact will have this price list applied to it automatically.

Learn more about creation of a contact here

Updating a new price list by editing a contact

To change the price list associated with a contact:

Using the edit process, you will be able to apply or change the price list associated with a contact.

Automating thank you notes on payment

You have the option to automate thank you notes whenever a payment has been made by your customer. You can enable this option inside Invoice Preferences under Settings. This especially comes in handy when your customers make payments to you via the integrated online payment gateways. To know more, click here.

You can also customize the thank you note content by editing it from the Email Templates module. To know more about email templates, click here.