What are the predefined user roles in Zoho Expense?

Zoho Expense allows you to invite 3 different types of users. They are:

  • Submitter - Basic reporting access.
  • Approver - Reporting and Expense reports approval access.
  • Admin - Unrestricted access to all modules.

Submitter: A submitter can be a traveling salesman who has to record and report expenses to his manager. A submitter can do the following things in Zoho Expense:

  • Upload receipts
  • Record expenses
  • Connect credit cards to import statements
  • Create and submit expense reports
  • View analytics on expenses recorded by them (only)

Approver: An approver can be someone like a regional sales manager who can approve expense reports submitted to them. Alongside, the approver can perform all the functions of Submitter.

Admin: An admin can be someone like the Sales Head or the Finance manager who sets up the account in Zoho Expense and defines the roles for other employees and the company policies on expenses like spending limit. An Admin has unrestricted access to all modules and features in Zoho Expense.

In addition to these Predefined User roles, you can create custom roles in Zoho Expense. By doing so, you can configure permissions to the user according to your requirements.

Note: An Admin user can view reports only if they are submitted for approval. He or she can’t view expenses and reports that are in draft status.

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