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Zoho Expense - Books Integration

  Zoho Expense simplifies the task of recording and reporting expenses. If you’re wondering whether you can import/export expense into your books, you don’t have to! With the Zoho Expense/Books integration you can sync and view your expense data from within your Zoho Books account automatically. You can view your list of approved expenses, automatically updated and matched under the existing Chart of Accounts (CoA).

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Configuring Zoho Expense/Books integration

  Zoho Expense does not require any steps for it to be integrated with Zoho Books. Our system automatically links both the accounts, provided they both have the same organisational profile.

Viewing approved expenses in Zoho Books

To view approved expenses from Zoho Expenses in Zoho Books:

View Expenses in Books  

Recording reimbursement from Zoho Books

You can also record reimbursements from Zoho books.

To do so, perform the following steps.

Recording reimbursements in Books

Employee reimbursements form in Books

Matching and Categorising transactions

Expense reports that are reimbursed manually will be tagged as Manually added transactions. However, On importing bank statements into Zoho Books, there arises a need to categorise the statement lines or match it with an existing transaction (reimbursed manually).

This is done by following the steps given below.

Matching reimbursements in books

transaction matched

If the statement line does not have a matching transaction, or you do not wish to associate it with an existing transaction, then you can categorise it manually using categorise manually option located below the list of transactions.

categorize manually


Matching expense categories under Chart of Accounts (CoA)

 The expense categories created under the categories section of Zoho Expense (Settings > Categories > +New Category) is automatically added under the Chart of Accounts section of Zoho Books. This saves you from re-creating the same category under Zoho Books.  

Note: Newly created Chart of accounts will be an active category in Zoho expense on checking the Show in Zoho Expense as an active account option in Zoho Books. Otherwise it will be visible as an inactive category. You can enable it by changing its status to Active

Chart of accounts

Recording Advance Payments

  Zoho Expense provides the option to record an advance payment while creating an expense report. Zoho Expense/Books integration allows you to view your employee advance payments along with list of approved expenses.   You can view your employee advances under your Zoho Books account by performing the following steps:

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