Sync Vendors

Setting up the sync

Once you’ve set up your credentials, you can go ahead and start syncing your vendors in Zoho Books to your vendors in Zoho CRM. This is a three-step process.  

Step 1 : Extent of the sync

Extent of the sync

Step 2 : Handling duplicate records

It’s possible that the vendor in Zoho CRM being synced already exists as a vendor in Zoho Books and in such cases, the record is said to be duplicated during the sync. You can choose what you want to do with such records,

Duplicate contacts

Note : If there are duplicates in either your Zoho CRM or Zoho Books account, and the overwrite option is selected, the duplicates will be merged as a single record after sync.

 Step 3 : Selecting the view to be synced  

The next level of customization is where you can select the View you want to sync with Zoho Books. A view in Zoho CRM is a collection of similar records (based on a specified criteria) listed together. Some predefined views include ‘All Vendors’, ‘My Vendors’, ‘Unread Vendors’ etc.

Select view to be synced

Click here to know more about creating a view in Zoho CRM.

Step 4: Mapping Fields

The final step of the integration is the mapping of fields. You can map the Zoho CRM field to the corresponding Zoho Books field before setting up the sync. This manual mapping ensures that when the Zoho CRM records are synced as Zoho Books entities, all the fields match perfectly when viewed in Zoho Books.

In case you have created custom fields for your vendors in Zoho CRM that don’t map to any of the default fields under Zoho Books, please remember to create the corresponding custom fields in Zoho Books before starting the sync. These fields will now be displayed for field mapping. See how to create custom fields for your vendors in Zoho Books here.

 Mapping fields

Note: You can create up to ten custom fields for your vendors in Zoho Books.

Multicurrency mapping

In case you’ve enabled multicurrency in Zoho CRM, please make sure that the base currency is same as that in Zoho Books before mapping fields.

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