Client Approval For Time Entries

Client Approval allows you to get your time entries verified and approved by the clients you’re working for. This would let the clients know the total number of hours you’ve worked for them. The approved time entries alone can later be invoiced to the client.

Understanding Client Approvals

Andy used Client Approval while managing the projects in his business. Let’s take a look at his business scenario to understand this better.

Andy has taken up a project for which he will be paid based on the time he has worked on it. He records the work done by each employee and sends the time entries to his customer for approval. By this way, the customer will get to know the exact number of hours spent on each task and the total time spent on finishing the project. Once the time entries are approved by his customer, Andy will invoice to the client, thus making the work clear and easy to both the customer and Andy.  

Enabling Client Approvals

Enable Client Approval

If you haven’t enabled projects and timesheets in the Client Portal, a pop-up will appear asking you to enable it.

Check the Enable Projects and Timesheet in Client Portal option and click Save and Enable to let your customers view your client approvals from the Client Portal.

Enable Client Approval

Note: Client Approvals are only available for customers for whom you’ve enabled the Client Portal.

Creating Client Approvals

Once you enable the Client Approval option, a tab named Client Approvals will appear in the Time Tracking module.

Prerequisite: Client Approvals are available only for projects for which you’ve enabled them. To enable Client Approval for a project:

Create Client Approval

There are two ways through which you can create client approvals:

1. From the Client Approvals Module

Create Client Approval

2. From the Timesheet Module

Create Client Approval

In the client approval creation page:

Create Client Approval

Note: You cannot include the time entries that have already been invoiced in a client approval.


Approving Client Approvals >

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