Connecting to PayPal

Zoho Books is now directly integrated with PayPal. The integration will make it easy for you to fetch automatic feeds from your PayPal account. Also, it allows track payments you receive in other currencies.
Let’s take an example where you do business with clients across the globe and receive payments in their currencies. With PayPal integration you can track amount you receive in each currency.​

Setting up PayPal

Note: If your PayPal account is credit type then you need to choose Credit Card.​

Adding currencies and fetching feeds.

After being redirected back to your Zoho Books account, you will be asked to fill a form where you will be entering the following information: ​

Adding new currency:

To add a new PayPal currency.

Removing your currency:

If you have stopped receiving payments for a particular currency or if you had setup a wrong currency, you can remove that currency feed from PayPal.
Make sure you deactivate your PayPal feed before removing a currency. Removing all your currencies will remove the PayPal integration. ​

To remove your currency,

Deactivating feeds:

To deactivate your feeds.

Activating feeds

In case you have deactivated your feeds and wish to reactivate them, follow the step mentioned below.

Method 1

Method 2

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