What are the different statuses of subscriptions?

   Status   Description
Trial Subscriptions under the trial period
Trial Expired Subscriptions whose trial period has expired
Live Subscriptions that are currently active and paid up-to-date (off subs case)
Dunning Subscriptions which are in Dunning State
Unpaid Subscriptions that are not paid by the customers and are marked as Unpaid by the Retry Settings
Future Subscriptions that are created but not yet live i.e. their activation date is ahead of the current date
Non Renewing Subscriptions that have been canceled using the Cancel On Next Renewal option. Subscriptions in non renewing state will not be renewed after the current billing cycle
Canceled Subscriptions that have been canceled. It could be due to manual cancellation or automatic cancellation configured in Retry Settings
Expired Subscription whose subscription period has expired
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