Why should I configure webhooks for Razorpay?

Sometimes, the payments that your customers make via the Razorpay integration may not reflect in Zoho Billing, even if the payment went through successfully.

A few common reasons this could happen is:

In most of these cases, Razorpay will eventually mark a transaction as successful if the payment went through and money was deducted from your customer, but this might not reflect in Zoho Billing because of the delay in doing so. These transactions in Zoho Billing might remain in the Failure status, even after Razorpay marks the transaction as successful on its side.

Enabling webhooks for Razorpay ensures that the status of your customers’ payments made via the Razorpay integration always reflects in Zoho Billing.

Insight: These webhooks are a way for Razorpay to communicate with Zoho Billing about the status of a payment. Razorpay will send this webhook to Zoho Billing as soon as a payment has been processed from its end, even if the process takes a while to complete.

Setting up the Webhooks

Here’s how to set it up:

Now, all your customers’ payments via the Razorpay integration will reflect in Zoho Billing accurately.

Warning: If you have disabled automatic payment capturing in Razorpay, and have chosen to capture payments manually instead, payments that take more than 30 minutes to process on Razorpay’s side will not reflect in Zoho Billing. For such payments, you will have to manually mark them as “captured” from Razorpay’s side.

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