Bounce Address Setup 

Bounce emails are emails that failed to deliver. The email delivery failure might be due to permanent reasons (hard bounces) or temporary reasons (soft bounces). Such bounced emails are returned back to a specified address called bounce address. Bounce address is also called as mail-from address or return-path address. It is mandatory to specify a bounce address before you can send an email. For adding a bounce address you have to add CNAME record to your DNS. Go to Domain Verification page to know how to add CNAME record to your DNS.


You can view the bounced email information in the Processed Email tab of your Mail Agent.

Create your Bounce Address

  1. From the left panel, click on Mail Agents and select a Mail Agent where you want to add the bounce address.
  2. Navigate to Domains tab. If you have already verified your domain and add the SPF, DKIM and CNAME records then proceed to next step. Else add these records to your DNS. 
  3. Click on Bounce Settings for the domain for which you want to add Bounce Address.

  1. Enter the bounce address name and click on Add.

Add multiple Bounce Addresses to your domain

If you want to send different types of transactional emails like welcome emailers and notifications from the same domain but want to receive the bounces for welcome mailers and bounces for notifications in separate mailboxes, then you need to create more than one bounce address for this domain.

Hover over the domain and click on the Bounce settings option to add more bounce addresses using the steps given above.

Delete your Bounce Address

  1. From the left panel, click on Mail Agents and select a Mail Agent where you want to delete the bounce address.
  2. Navigate to Domains tab.
  3. Identify Domain Name for which you want to delete the bounce address.
  4. Hover over your domain to view Bounce Settings on the right corner.
  5. Click on Bounce Settings.

  1. The BOUNCE ADDRESS SETUP box will appear. Click on delete icon for the bounce address you want to delete. Click on OK to confirm the deletion. Here we are going to delete address.


    If a deleted bounce address is used in SMTP/ API, you will receive SM_113 error. Refer error codes here.


  1. The bounce address is deleted successfully.


Before you get started it is important to know that TransMail is for sending transactional emails like welcome emailers, password resets emails, OTPs. We do not support sending of bulk emails or promotional emails like newsletters or marketing campaign emails. If you are looking for a bulk email provider, you can visit Zoho Campaigns.