Multiple Data Centers

Zoho Thrive is hosted at multiple data centers, and therefore available on different domains.
There are 5 different domains for Zoho Thrive APIs, and you will have to use the one that is applicable to you.

Data CenterDomain BaseAPI URI
United States.com

The APIs on this page are for organizations in Zoho Thrive that are hosted on the .com domain. If your organization is on a different domain, then you must replace .com with the appropriate domain for API endpoints on this page before using them.

Note: To find out which domain you're accessing Zoho Thrive from, visit the Zoho Thrive web app and check its URL. If the URL contains thrive.zoho*.com, then you're accessing it from the .com* domain. If the URL contains thrive.zoho*.in, you're accessing it from the .in* domain. Similarly, you could be accessing Zoho Thrive from the .eu or domain.

For example, here's how you would modify the domain in an API endpoint for the .eu domain:

API endpoint for the .com domain, as available on this page:${widget_code}/purchase

API endpoint after replacing the .com domain with .eu:${widget_code}/purchase