• #ThatFirstMoment when Gina Michnowicz & Cristol O'Loughlin co-founded Union+Webster in San Francisco, CA - 4 years ago this week! #Zoho

  • Hi, I sold my first printed book! Now about four have sold, but what is important is that I know my calling and am creating a Legacy Art Movement from this idea. Know that all the hard work, studying, hours of application, webinars, phone calls, meditations, and much prayer, the path to sustainable income is now clear! I am someone who has had many miracles and even a near-death experience in order to be alive at this moment. Another life-saving surgery six years ago sent me into a bed-ridden existence for three years, in which time I lost everything due to not being prepared for the down time. Then at one point I knew I had a choice to make: get out of bed and do what I can, which was self-educate through using the internet, or stay in bed and continue to see my life flashing before my eyes as it passed by. I chose to get better. So, I got out of bed and into learning about working at home using the computer. That was now three years ago, and I haven't been able to find the path to income with the way I am, until recently. When I realized that I am a writer and artist and to fully go in that direction, the whole world has been opening up to me. I really had always been a creative, expressive person and have lived the artist's life, but really embracing my authenticity has helped me more than anything on getting my purpose straight on being able to work and work doing what I love. So, the Legacy Art Movement is my writing books, ebooks, and expert books for professionals, to turn into a marketing system that can be copied and turned over to someone else. This legacy is important, because I would personally like to help others who find out in one day that they can longer support themselves, and are not prepared for the time of healing that some physical and mental healings take, to have a better time of it than I. Plus, folks who are healing will heal quicker with less stress. Yay, my books are in demand and I am writing, designing, painting, creating, and living my 'new' found path to sustainable income and even healthy wealth! Thank you for reading my mini-book here! Good Day, Jennifer Webb

    Jennifer Webb
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  • I was the IT personnel for a new brand and we had the intentions of using a custom domain email platform. I did quite a few research but settled for zoho. Simply Amazing. #ThatFirstMoment

    Uthman Owoade
  • The first time i have my own enterprise !! I have been working in so many places and get the idea to form my own enterprise so i can collaborate with a lot of people from different areas, as designers, programmers, i started with my friend Alex to plan to get our own enterprise and we found after two months we count with 8 people working in this team, and about 10 customers with a lot of success histories !

    Pedro Lozano
  • #thatfirstmoment when you dreamed of using @zoho to manage your entire business. ...After converting from being a primarily custom tile business to being a mostly standard tile business. This is happening. Finally!

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