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Learn how Zoho TeamInbox helps you in achieving a transparent workspace, in collaborating effortlessly, and in boosting your overall team productivity.

Getting started with Zoho TeamInbox

Though emails are the most widely used mode of communication in businesses, there are certain limitations to it when it comes to collaboration. In this webinar, we've talked about the concept of shared inboxes, and what your team/organization can achieve with a shared inbox tool like Zoho TeamInbox. We've also explained the step by step process of setting up your team and creating your inboxes in Zoho TeamInbox.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we use our own domain email address for setting up inboxes or do we have to use a Zoho Mail Address?

    You can use Zoho TeamInbox for addresses hosted on any email service. It is not restricted to Zoho Mail.

  • Is there any limit on the number of inboxes for a team?

    The number of inboxes for your organization depends on the subscription. For the starter plan, we provide three inboxes and for the professional plan, we provide five inboxes. Click here to learn more about our pricing. However, you can create any number of inboxes under a team.

  • Do we have the opportunity to invite guests (for eg. clients) to our inbox? Or is Zoho TeamInbox only for members of our company?

    Yes, you can invite any user as a member in Zoho TeamInbox and they will be added to your organization. However, it is recommended to add only the organization users.

  • Is Zoho TeamInbox an alternate to Zoho Desk?

    While Zoho TeamInbox is a tool for shared inboxes Zoho Desk is a full-fledged ticketing software Zoho TeamInbox is particularly built for organizations that wish to have a shared mailbox. Emails sent to group addresses can be accessed from Zoho TeamInbox and the interface can be used to collaborate and work as a Team. On the other hand, Zoho Desk is for receiving and resolving customer complaints and converting every customer email into tickets, each assigned with a specific number, so they can be tracked and processed easily.

  • How can I share my personal emails with my teammates?

    Open your personal email thread and click on the Comment section. Share this thread with your teammates by simply @mentioning them. For your teammate, the thread will now be visible in the 'Shared with me' section on the left pane.

  • What is the function of the 'Unread' view?

    By default all emails get added to the 'Unread' view. Once you've read it it will be moved to other views in your inbox based on the action you've performed on it.

  • If i were to link my personal inbox, can other team members within Zoho TeamInbox see this or will it be visible only to me?

    Personal Inbox helps you bring all your individual emails from your email client to Zoho TeamInbox. These are private to you and team members will not be able to view them unless you choose to share with them. Only you can access your personal emails and none of your team members will have access to them.

  • We have three people who work on our Inbox. Can I set signatures such that each user can use their own signature?

    Multiple signatures can be created for the same inbox, and while your team drafts an email they can choose the signature that should be sent out.

  • Can you add a user to more than one team?

    Yes, you can add a user to any number of inboxes and teams.

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