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Learn how Zoho TeamInbox helps you in achieving a transparent workspace, in collaborating effortlessly, and in boosting your overall team productivity.

Creating a free Zoho TeamInbox account from Zoho One

Emails, especially group emails are not all that effective when it comes to transparency and collaboration with your team. That's where shared inboxes come to the rescue.  In this webinar, learn what a shared inbox is and how Zoho TeamInbox helps in making emails smooth for collaboration and increases your work productivity. Zoho One users have the advantage of leveraging the power of shared inboxes, as Zoho TeamInbox is already a part of their Zoho One bundle. In this demo, learn how to add Zoho TeamInbox to your Zoho One account, and how you can set up your organization, create your teams and inboxes in Zoho TeamInbox.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Zoho TeamInbox integrate directly into Zoho Mail or is it an entirely independent application?

    Zoho TeamInbox is an independent application and not a part of Zoho Mail.

  • Do actions in Zoho TeamInbox sync between users? E.g. if one person reads an email, will others see it as read?

    Actions like 'Read/Unread', 'Snooze' are user-specific and they will not be in sync across the users. However, actions like 'Archive', 'Reply', 'Unarchive', 'Tags' etc. will be in sync across the users.

  • Why am I not able to view emails that are sent by others in the 'Sent' section on the left pane?

    You will not be able to view emails that are sent by others in your 'Sent' section. However, you can view the emails sent by others inside every thread.

  • Is there an iOS/ Android app for Zoho TeamInbox? Does every user who uses Zoho TeamInbox have to install the app?

    Yes, there is an iOS and Android app for Zoho TeamInbox. You can view emails and perform actions in your mobile app. Since your team members can easily access the web application, it is not mandatory to install the mobile apps.

  • What is the difference between SalesInbox and Zoho TeamInbox?

    SalesInbox is a tool for email which seamlessly integrates with Zoho CRM to combine email and CRM information in one place. SalesInbox primarily solves issues from a sales/ CRM perspective. Zoho TeamInbox is a shared inbox platform that helps you manage your emails better and aids in effective collaboration and transparency. Send and receive group emails, delegate owners to conversations, conduct internal discussions, organize your threads, maintain a clutter-free inbox—all under a single roof.

  • If we have 5 different email group addresses, does Zoho TeamInbox let us manage each of them independent to one another?

    Yes, you should create one inbox per group address, therefore five inboxes for five group addresses and decide which member has access to each inbox.

  • My personal email is not hosted with Zoho Mail. Can I use this address to bring emails to Zoho TeamInbox?

    You can use Zoho TeamInbox for addresses hosted on any email service. It is not restricted to Zoho Mail. You can also create a personal inbox to access and manage your personal emails. 

  • How can we organize emails in Zoho TeamInbox?

    You can organize emails by creating tags. Tags let you organize threads based on various topics that they belong to, using names and colour codes.

  • Can we reply with our personal email addresses from Zoho TeamInbox?

    Yes, you can associate your personal sender addresses and send out emails using them in Zoho TeamInbox. These personal addresses will be accessible only to you and not your team members.

  • Should the sender address be created previously or can it be created during the setting up of Zoho TeamInbox?

    You need to have a valid sender address to add it as a sender address in Zoho TeamInbox.

  • Is it possible only for the admin to assign emails to other members?

    No. Every member of your inbox can assign the emails to anyone in the organization. Only members who have been assigned the observer role will not be able to assign the emails.

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