Understanding Personal Inboxes

Personal Inbox is your private space within Zoho TeamInbox, where you can configure and connect your individual account with your account in Zoho TeamInbox. Until now, Zoho TeamInbox would have served as the ideal platform for team collaboration, however, to access personal emails, you still had to switch applications to view your individual emails. This leads to decreased productivity and in some cases, even missing out on important emails. A Personal Inbox solves this problem. With Personal Inbox, you can now manage all your individual emails and shared emails from a single interface, which offers intuitive inbox friendly features to send/ receive emails.

  1. All your shared emails will now be available under the Teams that you are part of and all your individual emails will now be available under Personal Inbox in Zoho TeamInbox.
  2. You can send/ reply to your individual emails directly from TeamInbox.
  3. After you finish a particular task associated with an email or if the email does not need any work to be done, you can 'Archive' the thread. This helps in moving one step closer to achieving the goal of 'Inbox Zero'.
  4. If a task in a thread is of less priority and can wait for a longer time but you want to be reminded of it later, you can 'Snooze' it.
  5. After composing an email, you can use 'Share Draft' to share the email draft with other members in your organization before sending it out.
  6. To share a thread with someone or to have internal discussions on a thread with your team, you can use comments. Click the Comment icon from the top-right corner of the thread and add your comment there. @mention the team members you want to include in the discussion so they will be notified about your comment.

Let's assume a scenario to understand personal inboxes better. Mary is a Product Marketer at Zylker and reports to her manager. Mary's manager communicates with her by sending emails to her personal email address. All the emails from Mary's personal email address will now be available to her under Personal Inbox. She can now conduct parallel discussions with her teams under her shared inboxes and also respond to her individual emails under her personal inboxes inside Zoho TeamInbox without having to switch tabs.

Let's say Mary receives an email in her personal inbox from a client that requires the collaboration of her team members. She can then share that specific email with her team and collaborate effortlessly. Her personal inbox is private, however, she can choose to share specific emails whenever the need arises.


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