Getting started

Get started with Zoho TeamInbox

Zoho TeamInbox is a shared inbox tool that helps teams have better collaboration. Direct your group emails to Zoho TeamInbox and make it accessible to the entire team in one collaborative space. Connect with your team right from your inbox and conduct behind-the-screen discussions to always send out appropriate replies. Optimize work distribution efficiently and always stay in the same page with your teammates.

Once you've signed up for Zoho TeamInbox, the application's on-boarding will help you quickly get started with it. 

Set up your organization    

As soon as you onboard, you begin with setting up your organization. Enter the name of your organization in the prompt. This will create for you a workspace that'll hold all the teams and inboxes you create and the people you add as members.  

Note that whoever sets up the organization will be the organization admin. The role of org admin can be given to any other member later. There can be only one org admin but you can add any number of org moderators, who will have almost similar permissions.

Add members to your organization

After you've set up your organization, invite people to work in it. Enter their email addresses and click Invite. An invitation email is sent to the invited users from which they will be able to join your organization.

You will now be taken into your workspace. Here you can start by creating your first team.

Create your team

Create teams and put specific group of people and inboxes related to them under one team. These are separate spaces for each team in your organization.

To create a team

  1. In your Zoho TeamInbox account, click the Plus icon in the top right corner in the left pane. 
  2. Select Create team.
  3. Enter a name for your team. 
  4. Invite people to work in your team. Enter the email address of the users you want to invite and click Invite. These users will be sent an invitation email and will be added to the team once they've accepted the invite. 
  5. If you want to add members who are already added to the workspace, you can just select them from the list of users. 
  6. As you select the users you can set their role in the team from the drop-down menu next to each user. The role you set here will be applicable only for this team. 
  7. Click Create.

Learn more about teams.

Creating an inbox 

Create inboxes for your communication channels and forward all your incoming messages to these inboxes. You can create multiple inboxes under each team. 

To create an inbox 

  1. In your Zoho TeamInbox account, click the Plus icon from the top right corner. 
  2. Select Create inbox.
  3. Enter a name for your inbox. 
  4. Select the team under which you want to create the inbox.
  5. Select the members you want to add to this inbox. 
  6. Select the inbox type. 
  7. Click Next

Learn more about inboxes.

Reading and responding to messages 

After you've added and verified your inboxes, you will start receiving your messages in Zoho TeamInbox. You can reply to all the messages right from here and also do the following: 

  • Comment on threads: To have internal discussions on a thread with your team, you can use comments. Click the Comment icon from the top-right corner of the thread and add your comment there. @mention the team members you want to include in the discussion so they will be notified about your comment. 
  • Assign messages: Based on the subject, messages can be rightly assigned to people who are responsible. Click Assign on the top-right corner of the thread and select the person to whom you want to assign it. Click Assign to me if you want to assign the thread to yourself. 
  • Snooze messages: When there are messages that do not need your immediate response or that needs to be saved for later follow-up, you can snooze them for a definite time period. On snoozing a message, it will be hidden from the inbox until the snooze time you've set. Click Snooze from the top bar and select the snooze time. 
  • Follow thread: If you are interested in the matter of any thread you can follow it to be notified about the activities happening in the thread. Click Follow from the top-right corner of the thread. This thread will then be moved under your Following view. 

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