Why choose us over Front?

Besides being an intuitive platform, here are other reasons for why you should choose Zoho TeamInbox for your teams:

  • Easier setup

    Easier setup

    The setup process only includes the steps that are needed—nothing more, nothing less. With Zoho TeamInbox's easy onboarding, you can quickly create your teams and inboxes and jump to what's more important—attending to your emails.

  • Robust platform

    Robust platform

    Zoho TeamInbox is built on the industry-leading security of the Zoho Mail platform. Millions of users trust Zoho Mail for its robustness, reliability, and security, and Zoho TeamInbox makes the most out of that platform.

  • Flexible pricing

    Flexible pricing

    Pay only for what you use, and for how long you use it. You won't be forced to pay for an entire year or switch to higher plans as you add more users, like you would with Front. Choose from our plans based on your needs and purchase licenses for any number of users.

  • User-friendly features

    User-friendly features

    Every feature of Zoho TeamInbox is simple to understand, yet powerful to use. The intuitive interface helps you get started instantly without a steep learning curve. You won't waste productive time getting used to the interface.

Zoho TeamInbox vs FrontComparison

  • Features



  • Front

Inbox actions

  • Shared space for group emails

  • Personal inbox

  • Multichannel inbox

    Coming soon

  • IMAP/POP fetch

  • Sender addresses

    Multiple per inbox

    Only one per inbox

  • Custom SMTP

  • Owner assignments

  • Internal comments

  • Archive threads

  • Snooze threads

  • Share draft

  • Follow threads

  • Thread read info

  • Thread timeline


Admin control

  • Analytics

  • Activity log


     (Audit trail)

  • Users roles and permissions

  • Export emails


Team entities

  • Team contacts

  • Team signatures

  • Team tags

  • Response templates


     (Canned responses)

  • Team rules



  • SPF

  • DKIM

  • Account authentication



See how much you can save with Zoho TeamInbox*

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*Comparing yearly prices for Zoho TeamInbox's Professional plan with Front's Growth plan

We provide robust assistance to make your switch easier

Migrating from Front is easy and lossless, if you need help, here's how you can get it:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I be hosted on Zoho Mail to use Zoho TeamInbox?

    No, you can use Zoho TeamInbox for your shared emails no matter where your email is hosted. Just enable forwarding from your email service, and view and manage your emails from Zoho TeamInbox.

  • Is Zoho TeamInbox a part of Zoho One?

    Yes, Zoho TeamInbox is included in the Zoho One plan. Write to support@zohoone.com for more details.

  • Do you offer a free trial?

    We have a completely free 14-day trial period. We do not require any payment information when you sign up. During your trial, you can access all the features of our Professional plan and can add up to five users in your organization. Upon completion of your trial period, you will be required to pay according to the plan you selected to continue using Zoho TeamInbox.

  • Can I use Zoho TeamInbox on my mobile device?

    Yes, we have mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms, so you can check your emails and conversations on the go. Read more about our GDPR policy.