Enhancing survey accessibility and multilingual engagement

Embrace diversity and connect with a wider audience

Effortlessly engage a wide range of respondents, and ensure they feel valued and included. Multilingual surveys help you connect with respondents from various cultural backgrounds, with various language preferences. By promoting inclusivity, you can foster higher levels of participation, ensuring your data represents a broad spectrum of perspectives.


Gather more meaningful data

The ability to communicate in a respondent’s preferred language contributes to a personalized and user-friendly experience. This enhances respondent engagement, leading to more thoughtful and detailed responses. Moreover, multilingual surveys help you minimize response bias caused by language barriers, resulting in more accurate and reliable data for analysis.

Collect reliable and valuable data for informed decision making

Accurate data is the backbone of informed decision making. By capturing insights in respondents’ native languages, you eliminate potential translation errors and misunderstandings, resulting in a more reliable and more accurate representation of respondent perspectives.


Gain insights into the global market landscape and trends

For organizations with global ambitions, multilingual surveys are crucial. They enable you to gather data from various regions and markets, and equip you with insights into consumer trends and preferences, as well as market dynamics. This information empowers you to adapt your strategies, products, and services to specific target markets, giving you a competitive edge in the global arena.

Uncover cultural nuances for more strategic insights

Different languages often carry subtle nuances. With multilingual surveys, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of respondent sentiments, behaviors, and preferences, leading to more informed business decisions.


Strengthen your competitive stance

By embracing multilingual surveys, you can position yourself as a forward-thinking organization that values diversity and inclusivity. This demonstrates your commitment to understanding and meeting the needs of a diverse customer base. Such an approach strengthens your competitive stance, enhances your brand reputation, and opens doors to new business opportunities.

Why choose Zoho Survey to create your multilingual surveys?


Language selection

Respondents can choose their preferred language when accessing the survey, enabling them to provide feedback comfortably and confidently.


Translation assistance

Zoho Survey provides automated translation assistance, making it easier to convert your survey questions and options into different languages. Survey gives you the flexibility to translate surveys with three different methods: using Google Translate, uploading translations as a spreadsheet, or manually entering translated content.


Custom language options

Add custom languages to accommodate specific regional or niche requirements. This helps you target highly specific audiences.



Zoho Survey helps you adapt your survey’s content, formatting, and style to match the cultural and linguistic nuances of different regions. This feature helps create a seamless and native experience for respondents.


Multilingual survey reporting

Zoho Survey generates reports that consolidate responses in different languages. This feature enables you to analyze data collectively, or filter responses by language, for a comprehensive view of your survey results.


Language-specific question branching

Zoho Survey offers language-specific skip logic, enabling you to direct respondents to appropriate follow-up questions based on their selected languages. This feature enhances the survey experience and improves data accuracy.