In-store promotion effectiveness survey

Looking to improve your promotions and drive more sales? Use this survey and hear directly from shoppers; you will uncover priceless insights into what grabs their attention, what falls flat, and how promotions influence their buying decisions. Evaluating your promotions with follow-up surveys is the key to fine-tuning your brand's marketing strategies and using promotions effectively to attract and retain customers.

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What insights does the in-store promotion effectiveness survey offer?

Conducting an in-store promotion effectiveness survey helps you understand how your promotions are resonating with customers. By gathering feedback directly from shoppers, you can fine-tune your strategies, engage customers more effectively, and leverage promotions to increase sales.

In-store promotion effectiveness survey

What are the most prevalent in-store promotions in [Category]?

What are the most prevalent locations of in-store promotions in [Category]?


Are your in-store promotions making the grade?

Effectiveness of promotions

Determine how well your promotions are performing in driving sales. Understand which promotions are successful in attracting customers and which ones are not delivering the desired results. This allows you to allocate resources more effectively and focus on the strategies that yield the highest return on investment.

Understanding buying decisions

Gain insights into how promotions influence customers' buying decisions. Understand whether they make spontaneous purchases while shopping in your store, how they are motivated by discounts, and whether they prefer to wait for specific seasonal or holiday sales.

Feedback on execution of promotions

Gauge customers' opinions on how promotions are implemented in-store, including factors such as the visibility and clarity of messaging about discounts or other promotional offers and the ease of claiming or redeeming the benefits. This feedback can help you optimize the execution of future promotions for maximum impact on sales and customer foot traffic.

Identifying promotion-driven switching behaviors

Some customers may be loyal to a particular brand or product but could be enticed to switch—or at least try another option—if offered a compelling promotion. By identifying and understanding these promotion-driven switching behaviors, you can adopt promotional strategies and competitive positioning to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

Repeat business

By understanding what promotions resonate with your customers, you can tailor your strategies to maximize foot traffic, build customer loyalty, and drive more sales throughout the year.