Employment Status Survey Template

Understand and connect with your customers more effectively using employment status surveys. Segment your audience based on the status of their employment, their industry, or their skills to develop specific products, customize sales strategies, and provide personalized customer support.

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What are employment status surveys?

Employment status surveys are an important section of demographic surveys that help you create customer personas by asking respondents questions related to their annual household income, current employment status, industry, and experience level. Use them to understand the correlation between shopping patterns (such as frequency and purpose of shopping) and consumer demographics (like employment status and annual income). Data from employment status surveys helps you understand your target audience better and segment them accordingly.

What are employment status surveys used for?

Employment status surveys are an invaluable asset to retailers and marketers. Some consumers shop for recreation, while others shop for necessities. Certain shoppers will compare prices before making a purchase. Annual income and employment status can influence these behavioral traits, making this data invaluable to your organization.

Pre-screen respondents

To maximize the response rate, the surveys you send must be relevant to the recipients. Use this template to pre-screen and filter out respondents that do not qualify for your survey. This will help you reduce research costs and improve the quality of your results.

Understand the target audience before a product launch

Before releasing any product/service, it is important to segment your target audience, study their needs, and ensure those needs will be met. The employment status survey template segments consumers based on the income bracket you want to target before releasing a new product or service.

Determine the price

Buying potential varies among consumers within a particular income bracket. Use this template to get a closer look at the spending potential and habits of individual prospects. This can help you quote your products and services more appropriately.

Segment respondents based on industry

Employment status surveys provide you with insights into your respondents' industries. This helps you define a segment-based business strategy. For example, an online grammar correction tool might be more useful to a person in the education sector than someone in the health care sector.

Provide personalized customer service

Offer discounts, customized delivery charges, or at-home installations depending on customers' financial backgrounds. Use insights from employment status surveys to create consistently positive customer experiences.