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Electrify the road to the future with insights from real-life drivers. Reach out to consumers for their thoughts on electric vehicles (EVs), regarding everything from environmental benefits to road-readiness. Power up your EV strategy by hearing directly from potential drivers.

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Why are electric car surveys crucial for the auto industry?

Electric car surveys capture the pulse of the consumer, along with their preferences and concerns. By understanding the driving factors behind EV adoption, and potential roadblocks, automobile companies and stakeholders can refine their strategies, ensuring a smoother transition to a greener future.

Electric Car Survey

Do you currently own an electric car?

Do you consider owning an electric car an advantage over owning a gasoline-powered car?

If there is an electric car with more or less the same functionality as a gasoline-powered car, how much more are you willing to pay for it?


How surveys steer the electric vehicle (EV) revolution

As the world pivots towards sustainable transportation, understanding public sentiment and preferences surrounding electric vehicles becomes critical. Surveys can guide us through the journey.

How surveys steer the electric vehicle
Consumer readiness

Surveys provide crucial insight into how ready consumers are for the electric transition. They can help brands delve deep into commuting habits, distance concerns, and factors that could influence a driver's decision to switch to electric. Identifying primary motivators and deterrents helps brands tailor outreach and education efforts.

Infrastructure concerns

With the global push towards EVs, infrastructure preparedness has become vital. Surveys can reveal potential EV drivers' perceptions regarding the adequacy of nearby charging stations, the feasibility of home charging options, and the current infrastructure's readiness to support a larger fleet of electric cars.

Types of EVs

Different electric vehicles cater to different needs. From plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) offering a combination of electric and internal combustion engines to battery electric vehicles (BEVs) that run solely on electricity, to the more advanced hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, each has a place in the market. Surveys can identify consumer preferences and awareness levels regarding these varied options, and deliver insights into the way different demographics or regions will respond to different offerings.

Economic considerations

Affordability plays a significant role in EV adoption. By using surveys, brands can gauge the price range consumers are comfortable with, and determine their views on economic triggers, like government incentives, tax rebates, and subsidies. This helps in strategizing both pricing and promotional campaigns.

Environmental awareness

Many consumers are drawn to EVs for their environmental benefits—but how significant is this factor? Surveys can measure the value consumers place on environmental impact, helping brands determine whether carbon footprint is a primary motivator of purchase decisions.

Brand perception

The EV market is rapidly expanding to include a wider range of players. Surveys can determine how potential customers perceive different EV brands and models. Do they lean more towards established automotive giants or newer, dedicated EV producers?

Future predictions

The implications of the EV revolution go beyond transportation. Surveys can capture respondents' opinions on broader impacts, such as how electric cars might reshape urban planning, influence energy consumption patterns, and drive innovations in the energy storage sector.