Safety Culture in the Hospital Survey

Depending on your health organization's needs, there is a requirement for meeting national patient safety standards and ensure that errors in the system are reported. This survey templates collects from respondents (which can be hospital/clinic employees) how they feel about patient safety in the unit they work in is ensured and also mention the incidents, if any, which they have reported.

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The objective of this survey is to get honest feedback from your staff members, so that you can improve patient safety while at the same time ensuring there is an atmosphere where they are performing at their best.

From learning about areas that need improvement, to finding out whether your staff are comfortable in addressing patient safety issues, getting a picture of how compatible their team is, deciding which areas need investment and making sure your employees are satisfied with their responsiblities- this survey helps gives you an overview of the entire situation and decide on the next course of action.

Educate your employees and patients on exercising a safety culture at hospital using this survey.