Post-purchase Feedback Survey

Understand your customer’s journey, from the moment they enter your ecommerce store until they checkout, and improve their experience at every stage. This will help you reduce customer attrition and retain existing customers, improve customer service, increase average order value (AOV), and pave the way for additional selling opportunities.

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Why are post-purchase feedback surveys important?

Post-purchase feedback surveys help you understand the customer journey better. They bring your attention to some of the roadblocks your customers have faced while making the purchase, helping you make their purchase experience smoother and better.

Post-purchase Feedback Survey

1. What did you buy today?

2. How would you rate the quality of the product you purchased?


Use post purchase surveys to drive e-commerce revenue

Interactions with your customers right after they make a purchase are high-potential touchpoints. Asking your customers about their purchase experience while their memory is still fresh will help you uncover gaps in your system that might otherwise go unnoticed, understand the reasons behind your customers’ decisions, and recognize opportunities to recommend additional products to buyers.

Organize successful events using post-event surveys
Identify the source of traffic

Visitors may find your website through an ad on social media, a link from another website, or a personal recommendation. With a post-purchase survey, you can identify which channels bring you the most traffic and build your marketing plan accordingly.

Understand your customers’ pain points

Consider asking customers if there was something that almost prevented them from making a purchase. You might gain surprising insights into how your customers think. Some might tell you they felt anxious about the information displayed on your packaging labels, while others might have been worried about a delay in shipment. When you know what apprehensions your customers experience, you can address them proactively, and reduce hesitation from buyers in the future.

Identify reasons for cart abandonment

There are different reasons why your customers might not go ahead with a purchase. Maybe they think the shipping charges are unreasonable, or maybe they saw the same product at a lower price elsewhere. Identify these reasons by asking your customers directly.

Know what you’re doing right

Studies show that retaining your customers costs five times less than acquiring a new base. Understand what made your customers happy—and keep doing it!

Effectively upsell or cross-sell

A happy customer is highly likely to make additional purchases. Use post-purchase interactions to recommend other products in your store. Try suggesting items other customers bought after a similar purchase.

Improve customer service

Assess the efficiency and efficacy of your customer support system. Getting feedback from customers who have interacted with your agents will help you determine whether your support team has the knowledge and skills needed to resolve issues promptly.