Academic exploration simplified

How do we turn good research into a great one? For Sangeeth, a PhD student specializing in VR interactions at TU Dublin, this question was the crux of his academic journey. His search led to a simple yet quintessential answer- Well-crafted Surveys!

Surveys are the unsung heroes of academic research, especially in heavily analytical PhD programs. They gather important data and insights, acting as a bridge between theory and application. Sangeeth's story is a testament to this power of surveys. It shows how Zoho Survey offered game-changing features that elevated his research process and became a key tool in his line of work.


During his PhD journey, Sangeeth realized that the quality of his work would heavily rely on how he collected and analyzed data. When dealing with complex VR interactions, most conventional survey methods fell short. He needed a tool that could meet his unique requirements.

Sangeeth needed to do more than just ask the right questions; he wanted to optimize how it was timed and presented. His research called for control over survey timing and question order. When most survey platforms overlooked these requirements, Zoho Survey with its intuitive UX and user-friendly navigation, turned the tide in his favor.

When Sangeeth explored Zoho Survey, he found that it housed features specifically tailored to research needs. The timer function allowed him to impose time constraints on questions to elicit spontaneous and authentic answers from his respondents, which is crucial for VR interaction studies. He also used the question randomization feature to give each respondent a unique survey experience. These helped mitigate potential biases related to the survey format and increased the validity of his work.

Sangeeth was able to strengthen his research process considerably by using Zoho Survey. It streamlined the data collection process and provided insights that would have been difficult to capture using traditional measures. The ease of analyzing the results was the cherry on top for Sangeeth. He could more easily focus his time and effort on advancing his research goals instead of being bogged down by data management.

Sangeeth's story shows how the right survey tool can empower academic researchers and support their work in a wide variety of fields. His experience with Zoho Survey can be an inspiration for fellow researchers to incorporate these capabilities to collect and analyze data with a secure, easy-to-use survey tool. He recommends Zoho Survey to anyone looking for a survey tool to make their life easier!

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