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Theories don't hold a candle to data-backed insights. Malavika Das knew this, but with a gazillion data points and parameters to consider, she faced challenges collecting and consolidating crucial information. Read on to learn how she found a dependable partner in Zoho Survey.

malavika das

As an adjunct assistant professor in the social work department of National Taiwan University, Malavika Das understood the importance of incorporating surveys into her curriculum. Surveys provide a systematic and structured approach to evaluating the effectiveness of interventions, programs, and teaching methods. Das was looking for a simple, user-friendly tool to meet all her needs without stretching her budget.

She was particularly interested in baseline and end-line surveys. Baseline surveys collect data at the beginning of a program or intervention, while end-line surveys gather data after its completion. Comparing the results of these two surveys enables educators and students to measure progress, assess the impact of their interventions, and determine whether the desired outcomes have been achieved.

As she was searching for an easy-to-manage survey tool with an attentive customer service team, she got acquainted with Zoho Survey. Its straightforward interface intrigued her to explore more, and an exceptional encounter with the customer service team convinced her to stay. Das met with an enthusiastic and responsive team that left a lasting impression. That's when she decided to try Zoho Survey in her new class.

Malavika's first experience with Zoho Survey was a success. Her students were able to use it efficiently, and she was able to analyze the data effortlessly. She knew she had found a tool she could rely on. As her courses continued, so did her partnership with Zoho Survey.

As she delved deeper into the application, Das realized that Zoho Survey was incredibly user friendly and well suited to her needs. She appreciated how it streamlined the process of creating surveys and produced comprehensive reports and summaries even before she began the analysis process. The simplicity of the tool allowed her to focus on what mattered most—her students and their growth.

Das's success with Zoho Survey didn't stop here. She continues to use the platform for all her courses, reaping the benefits of a reliable, user-friendly survey tool. Time and again, Zoho Survey proves to be one of the best decisions she's made during her journey as an educator.

She now recommends Zoho Survey to all who are looking for an easily manageable survey tool that can be tailored to meet specific requirements. This is how Das gained a trusted ally in the pursuit of academic excellence and how Zoho Survey gained a new member of its enthusiastic user community. If this isn't a story of a win-win situation, then what is?