The swiss army knife of solopreneurs

Solopreneurs wear many hats. CEO, COO, marketer, support, sales—you name a role, and they play it. A tool that helps them collect business data and obtain insights that inspire growth is crucial to their success! Katie Tucker was on the lookout for such a tool, hoping to make her life and her clients' lives easier. Guess who fits the mold? You are right, Zoho Survey! Read on for the whole story.


Running a consulting firm is a thrill for Katie Tucker. With her straight-to-action and no-nonsense approach to leadership at Product Jungle, she provides companies with product management and market research services.

Tucker recently collaborated with an Air Corp client in Asia. The project involved creating a passenger survey in Khmer, the national language of Cambodia, to gain insights into customer satisfaction and the overall airport experience. In her search for the right survey platform, Tucker considered various products, including Survey Monkey, Survey Sparrow, Google Forms, and Typeforms—but none of these could compete with the extensibility of Zoho Survey.

Tucker needed a platform that offered flexible pricing and features, since she is a consultant whose requirements vary from client toclient. Zoho Survey provided her with competitive pricing, an extensive feature set, the ability to pay monthly, and options to add or remove users as needed. Additionally, Zoho offered her the freedom to cancel or pause her membership at any time, making it an excellent choice for a small business.

Creating the Air Corp survey was a seamless process with Zoho Survey's user-friendly interface. The platform offered various predesigned question types that could be dragged and dropped for effortless survey building. Tucker appreciated the ability to translate the survey into Khmer and edit the translations to ensure accuracy and relevancy to the local community.

Because the survey had to be conducted in person at the airport, it was crucial to have an offline kiosk option. Zoho Survey's offline functionality allowed Tucker's client's team to collect data without hiccups, even in areas with weak Wi-Fi. Moreover, Zoho Survey's GDPR compliance and European data centers ensured data security, a crucial aspect for Tucker and her clients.

Despite working remotely and in different time zones, Tucker was able to collaborate efficiently with her clients and the local team on the ground using Zoho Survey. The platform allowed for easy communication, ensuring any necessary changes to the survey were made quickly.

Tucker didn't need to be an expert data analyst to understand the survey results. Survey generated a comprehensive and reader-friendly report, which made it easy for her to gain powerful insights. She particularly appreciated the Sentiment Analysis and Word Cloud features, which simplified the process of reviewing responses to open-ended questions.

Tucker noted that she experienced exceptional customer support from Zoho Corp. With her emails and calls answered promptly, she felt confident that help was always available.

Katie Tucker was thrilled with the results of her Zoho Survey implementation. The platform's flexibility, ease of use, and excellent customer support made it the perfect solution for all her unique project requirements.

Zoho Survey has exceeded Tucker's expectations, and she highly recommends it to others seeking a reliable and customizable survey tool for their business needs. Watch her video to see what else our awesome customer says about us!