The Aladdin's lamp for CENTA's pedagogy

What better way to understand your client's needs than by asking them directly? Kartik Menon lives by this simple principle and is never disappointed. His organization, CENTA (Center for Teacher Accreditation), aims to elevate teaching as an aspirational profession by recognizing and celebrating teachers and connecting them with opportunities that match their talents. Being one of the founding members of the biggest community of teachers in India and one of the biggest in the world, he is cognizant of the importance of feedback management.


To keep their teachers engaged and coming back for more, it's crucial for CENTA to keep their finger on the users' pulse—what resources and opportunities they want, what features they'd like to see, and what they're loving (or not loving) about the platform. That's where Zoho Survey acts as a lifesaver.

After analyzing countless survey platforms and being frustrated by their lack of features and pricing feasibility, Menon came across Zoho Survey. Initially, CENTA started using Zoho Survey as a quizzing tool but quickly made it their go-to survey tool for various initiatives. In fact, when they were invited to contribute to the national education policy, they received close to 20,000 responses in just a few hours through Zoho Survey!

Menon lauds Zoho Survey, citing its thoughtfully designed features, regular updates, and top-notch customer support as reasons they've stuck with it for years. They realized other survey platforms could not match the quality, features, and pricing of Zoho Survey.

CENTA's experience with Zoho Survey continues to be great, to the extent that new projects bring a smile to their faces instead of a sense of overwhelm. Menon finds the thought process of the product team fascinating as new features and enhancements keep coming to make data collection easier. The report and analytics feature also holds sway over his team as it lays out the perfect base to unearth insights and build strategies.

The platform's reliability, stability, and intuitiveness have impressed Menon so much that he has become an ardent ambassador of Zoho Survey. He recommends everyone looking for a secure and cost-effective survey tool make the switch.

Zoho Survey has become an integral part of CENTA's success in revolutionizing the teaching profession in India. With a reliable survey tool like Zoho Survey, CENTA can continue to keep their teachers happy and engaged and make their vision of an aspirational teaching profession a reality.