Elevated data game with Zoho Survey

Too many choices can restrict our freedom to find the optimal- Jacob Mays, the Managing Director of Consumer readers LLC, found himself in this exact position when he was in dire need of a new data-collection solution. With a variety of projects spanning diverse industries, Mays' data analysis and training consulting firm was growing rapidly. As a result, its data collection needs were becoming increasingly complex.

Jacobs Mays

For years, Consumer Readers LLC had been juggling between multiple survey platforms like Qualtrics, QuestionPro, and SurveyMonkey. Each had its merits but didn't entirely satisfy the firm's expansive and intricate requirements. Mays needed a tool that would simplify his team's workflows and provide a robust set of features at an affordable cost.

The team at Consumer Readers LLC stumbled upon Zoho Survey at the start of 2023 and knew they'd found the right solution. Right from the get-go, Zoho Survey caught their attention with its extensive list of question types. Mays was particularly pleased with the user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface and the customizability it offered.

Taking a calculated risk, the firm decided to commit to Zoho Survey exclusively for a trial period of four months. During the trial, the team confirmed that Zoho Survey was not just a pretty interface but also had the brains and the muscle The custom programming options allowed the firm to integrate with the sample aggregators they used, streamlining their operations in a way they didn't even know was possible!

Implementing new technology always comes with challenges. Consumer Readers LLC faced a couple of minor roadblocks during the trial period, prompting them to reach out to Zoho Survey's customer service. And this is where they experienced what Jacob describes as a "Customer Service Epiphany."

After previous experiences with other providers' customer service loops that felt like labyrinths, Mays and his team were surprised when the Zoho Survey team responded the same day and helped resolve their issues promptly. No back and forth, no fuss.

After four months of rigorous testing, the verdict was unanimous. Zoho Survey was sworn in for the long run! Today, Consumer Readers LLC uses Zoho Survey exclusively for all its data collection projects. And they couldn't be happier! They have total confidence in Zoho Survey and won't hesitate to recommend it to other companies.

And, as they say, the rest is history, or should we say, data.