Charting new paths in data exploration

In the bustling heart of Africa's market research landscape is World Wide Worx, an innovative technology market research organization. Led by Arthur Goldstuck, it brings innovation to how data and technology converge. This is their story of evolving and excelling with Zoho Survey by their side.


Imagine conducting surveys across 20 countries with respondent numbers ranging from 6 to 6,000, despite a lean operation. That's the versatile and boundary-pushing realm that this company operates in. For Goldstuck and his team, Zoho Survey transformed the approach to data collection. It turned a process fraught with errors into a streamlined, almost error-free endeavor. The platform didn't just collect data; it validated it in real time, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Zoho Survey didn't stop there. As data flowed in, graphs and reports were generated on the fly, making way for instant insights. This allowed World Wide Worx to share its preliminary findings to its clients, fostering a collaborative environment.

Once, Goldstuck and his team took up a project to assess productivity and collaboration among small and medium enterprises. The findings by Zoho Survey shed light on the differences between hybrid and onsite workers, offering revelations that captured media attention for months.

The impact of Zoho Survey was profound. Projects that once took days and months were now completed in no time. Thanks to the platform's analytics features, Goldstuck saw a dramatic increase in productivity and strategic prowess of the company. The number of surveys conducted doubled, and the time taken to validate data reduced to an astonishing 90%.

Goldstuck's journey from using inflexible tools like Survey Monkey to embracing the intuitive capabilities of Zoho Survey is a testament. It shows how the right tools can be transformative. It's not just about conducting surveys; it's about crafting them with precision, aligning with clients' needs, and extracting actionable insights with ease.

Goldstuck's advice to people considering Zoho Survey is simple: Dive in, construct a complex survey, and witness the platform's potential firsthand. It's an invitation to explore and empower research to harvest better insights.

World Wide Worx's story is a narrative of innovation and partnership. With Zoho Survey to help them better their research, Arthur Goldstuck and his team always leave a trail of insights and inspiration.