Student Interest Survey


Student Interest Survey

Do you want to get to know your students better? Or help them sort through their career options? Zoho's Student Interest Survey will help you gain the insight you need to understand and help your students more effectively.

  • A student interest survey can  quickly provide insights for both student and teacher. When a teacher has the opportunity to observe a student carefully over a period of time, it often becomes apparent where the student's interests lie. However, in a class of 60, this may prove to be a time-consuming and often unsuccessful challenge.


    The Zoho Student Interest Survey produces several immediate benefits:


    It helps you to better understand your students: What are  their interests? What do they like or dislike? How might they respond to certain situations? Your teaching experience has likely shown that different students respond to situations in different ways. This survey will produce results similar to a "quick-start guide" that will help you  understand what each student's desires and motivations are, thereby allowing you to create effective communication strategies.


    It provides a career-guidance outline: Career interest surveys can analyze which subjects a student has both an interest in and an aptitude for, then matches their personalities to these areas. The results can point to possible career options the student may be interested in.


    It can provide self-realization for the student: As your students work through the survey questions, they may gain personal insights through their responses. They may realize something about themselves they hadn't thought of before. These insights can help them build inner confidence and encourage them to explore new concepts and ideas they might not have considered before.


    It helps the school to better understand the students' interests and needs: The data provided by the student interest survey can be used by your school's administrators to analyze and adjust its programming to better suit the needs and interests of its students.  Without the information provided by the survey, the administration may be unaware of specific needs that may be beneficial to its students. When enough students express an interest in a certain activity, however, the school can evaluate whether it should be included in the curriculum.


    The Zoho Student Interest Surveys helps teachers discover what their students are thinking, what they might need, and how those needs can be quickly and effectively met.