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Survey building  

  • Question Types   Question types for all scenarios. Choose from 30 different question types in Zoho Survey.


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  • Drag and Drop Builder   An easy drag-and-drop builder helps you craft surveys in minutes.



  • Templates   Expertly designed templates for a variety of survey needs.



  • Scoring   Assign values to your answer choices to turn your survey into a test/quiz.



  • Skip logic (Question + Page)   Skip Logic helps you control which questions/pages are displayed to the respondent based on their responses to the previous question. This makes your surveys more relevant to your audience.



  • Multilingual surveys   Widen your reach with multilingual surveys. Translate your surveys into more than 80 languages and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

    80+ languages


  • Custom variables   Custom variables help you to record previously obtained information, like email address or a unique respondent ID number in the reports, without displaying them in the survey.



  • Responses across platforms - Social, web, email



  • Number of surveys



  • Questions + Responses per survey

    100 responses / survey (Free Plan)

    100 responses / survey (Free Plan)

  • Survey collectors   Designate different collectors within your department. Assign quotas to each collector to better control the number of responses you receive.



  • Kiosk Mode (Passcode Unlock)   Eliminate the need to manually operate your survey device using Kiosk Mode.



  • Labelling / Numbering in surveys



  • Matrix questions



  • Contact info question   Cover all the basic questions you need for a personal information form using this question type.



  • Video / Image questions



  • Rating questions



  • Quizzing



  • Matrix of drop-down menus



  • File upload questions



  • Question randomization



  • Pop-up surveys   Embed your surveys on your website using pop-ups.




  • Personalised themes   Design surveys that represent your brand.



  • Customised themes, colours and more



  • Customized URLs



  • White-labelling   Send surveys from your domain with your brand name to increase brand awareness among customers.




  • Custom Reports, Trend Reports, Cross Tab Reports



  • Tag geolocation in reports   Track the geolocation of your respondents.



  • Text analysis   Use the sentimental analysis to understand the mental state of the respondent. Word cloud highlights the word that is used the most.



  • Export as PDF, CSV, XLS



  • Export report to SPSS



  • Download report as Tableau extract



  • TURF analysis   Find the most effective combination for maximum reach or find the best communication channel for a product.



  • Sentiment analysis   Use this AI tool to assess your respondents' sentiments based on the words they use.



  • Word cloud   Take a look at what words are used by your respondents the most to understand them better.




  • Randomize answer choice



  • Survey end date setting



  • Trigger emails   Set up trigger emails based on the responses


      Sending survey invitations

  • Trigger function



  • Buying responses   Buy high-quality, relevant responses for your market research. Select criteria.



Integrations & API  

  • CRM Integration   Easily map data to your Zoho CRM account and vice-versa

      Zoho CRM


  • Others

    Zoho App Suite: Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Flow, Zoho Sheet, Zoho SalesIQ, Zoho Analytics, Zoho Commerce, Eventbrite, Mailchimp

    Marketo, Mailchimp

  • Webhook   Integrate with your CRM platform or any other third-party application using webhooks.



Offline Responses  

  • Offline surveys   Collect responses without an internet connection using offline surveys.




  • Unique customizable link



  • QR codes



  • Social media



  • Email distribution




  • Transfer surveys



  • Create department




  • Survey campaigns   Run effective survey campaigns for market research or event management by seamlessly integrating Survey with Zoho Campaigns.

      Zoho Campaigns integration

      Campaign Manager integration


  • Password-protected surveys






  • SSL Data Encryption




  • Mobile apps: Android and iOS



  • Import data from different survey tools



Data Privacy  

  • ePHI and HIPAA compliance   Zoho Survey is HIPAA compliant, which means patients' sensitive medical information is protected at all times, and is not disclosed without patient consent.



  • Data encryption



  • GDPR compliance   Zoho Survey is GDPR compliant, which ensures respondents have complete transparency into how, why, and where their personal data is used.



Customer support  

  • Email support



  • Prioritized email support (under 1 hour)




Price Plan



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