Survey-SalesIQ Integration

Advanced lead nurturing solutions

Nurture potential leads at the right time. Send timely surveys to your customers that get you insights into your webpage’s performance. Improve customer experience by getting instant feedback from your website visitors to upscale your e-commerce store.

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What is Zoho SalesIQ?

Zoho SalesIQ is a customer engagement platform that helps you communicate with your website visitors at different stages. Expand your market reach with intelligent triggers, tailored messaging, and analyzing how the visitors interact with your website. Upgrade your sales and support performance with canned replies and chatbots that handle small talk and answer basic questions.

The integration

The Survey-SalesIQ integration helps you get important information and feedback from visitors on your website. Send customer feedback surveys or product /service satisfaction surveys through chats to gather key insights. The integration helps you have personalized conversations with your prospects and improve their experience, which ultimately results in more conversions.

Live chat window and widget

  • Communicate directly with visitors on your website through a chat window/widget. The AI conversational tool understands and identifies the basic requirements of a potential lead.
  • Use Survey to collect feedback through popups or embed your surveys on your website. Collect basic information, like names or email addresses, and make live chats more personalized through SalesIQ.
Live Chat
Real Time

Real-time translation

  • Converse with your prospects in their language using SalesIQ’s real-time translation feature. Chat messages are instantly translated to English, and your response is translated to the sender’s native language.
  • Combine it with multilingual surveys using Zoho Survey to make your prospects feel at home. Connect to a global audience and widen your reach.

Intelligent triggers

  • Set up triggers based on conditions, like when a visitor lands on, or leaves, your website. Triggers can even open a chat window and send chat invites. With “custom action” triggers, you can establish conditions around specific actions performed by your website visitors.
  • Initiate effective contact. Conduct follow-up surveys to better understand customer expectations. Send a landing page testing survey or new logo testing survey through chat, as an online link, or as a QR code.

Mobile SDK

  • Mobilisten, the mobile self development kit (SDK) from Zoho SalesIQ, equips your business app with a live-chat partner. You can set up action-based chat triggers for cart abandonment, issues arising during purchase, and more.
  • This integration helps you collect quality data. Combine it with the Zoho Survey app to seamlessly send surveys from your Survey app to your website visitors.

The right tools for an outstanding survey.

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