Safety Culture Survey


Safety Culture Survey

Promote safety at your workplace. Find out how prepared your employees will be in an emergency.

  • Safety: More than a priority, a way of life

    To provide an incident-free work environment, it is important that an organization and its employees adhere to safety rules and regulations. Conduct safety culture surveys and organize awareness workshops to be certain that your employees understand the importance of following your safety procedures while at work.

  • Safety culture and its relevance

    Are your employees safe in their workplace? Do they come across any sort of risks while they are on the job? You can evaluate the current safety measures being used by your organization and identify areas that need improvement by using a safety culture survey. A comprehensive safety culture assessment will help you build a risk-free work environment. You'll be able to compare the data derived from your survey as you study the current trends in safety culture, which can then help you identify measures to adopt in your office.

  • Safety attitudes

    The safety attitudes questionnaire can include customized questions pertaining to the culture and climate of the organization that will help you determine your employee satisfaction levels, identify their perceptions of your organization's management, and provide general feedback. Organizations can use this feedback to measure the healthcare provider attitudes on issues related to patient safety, and prompt them to work toward improving safety attitudes. A safety perception survey can help you capture the overall health of your safety program.

  • Why Zoho?

    Zoho has cutting-edge survey templates and question samples to help you create online questionnaires. Zoho's Safety Culture Survey provides you with the questions you need to be asking your employees about safety in their workplace, and helps you gather feedback on all safety issues. Prompt your employees to complete these surveys, to help you build a safer work environment.