Why should you incentivize surveys?

Increase participation rates

The primary benefit is improved participation. Make your surveys more attractive by offering respondents rewards or incentives. Providing a valuable incentive in exchange for a valuable response is a simple way to bolster your feedback and research efforts.

Enhance engagement

Thoughtful participation is vital to survey responses. Engage your audience with benefits that encourage them to provide honest, detailed responses that result in high-quality data.

Diversify your audience

Attract participants from different demographics to obtain diverse and unique viewpoints. In doing so, you’ll reduce non-response bias, which occurs when you lack opinions from certain demographics or backgrounds.

Expedite collection of authentic data

Pique the interest of genuine participants, increasing the accuracy and reliability of your data. Gather feedback quickly for time-sensitive projects.

Build loyalty

Make participation more meaningful for regular survey participants by offering consistent rewards as they grow more familiar with your brand, business, or organization.

Promote a positive perception

Compelling incentives contribute to a positive experience with your organization or brand with respect to feedback and research. Good experiences with incentivized surveys encourage word-of-mouth referrals, increasing your potential respondent base.

Offer exciting rewards with Zoho Survey

Boost your response rates and gather valuable opinions while conducting research or collecting feedback. The key is to ensure that the rewards are appealing and relevant to participants. Here is how Zoho Survey can help you obtain high-quality responses from participants across different sectors.


Improve completion rates in your market research programs

Companies looking to understand consumer preferences, gauge market trends, and collect product feedback often offer rewards for completing surveys. For instance, a new smartphone manufacturer might offer gift cards or exclusive discounts to participants who share their opinions about features they’d like to see in the next model.


Boost employee morale

Organizations can improve workplace culture and employee satisfaction by conducting regular surveys. Offering rewards, such as extra paid time off, team lunches, or professional development opportunities, can motivate employees to provide candid feedback and suggestions for improvement.


Provide exceptional healthcare

Gather patient feedback to enhance healthcare experiences. Encourage patients to participate by offering rewards and incentives, like wellness products or free health screenings.


Enhance student and faculty experiences

Educational institutions often seek feedback from students, parents, and teachers to improve their programs. Offering rewards like book vouchers, stationery kits, or access to online resources can entice participants to share their thoughts.


Develop user-centric products

Companies developing new products can offer early access or exclusive previews as rewards for participants providing input on design, functionality, and user experience.


Encourage volunteer and donor participation

Nonprofits can gather feedback from supporters to refine their initiatives. Offering incentives, such as branded merchandise, recognition in newsletters, or invitations to special events can make participants feel valued and engaged.


Build hospitality loyalty programs

Hotels, airlines, and travel agencies can collect customer feedback to enhance services. Providing rewards, like complimentary upgrades, loyalty points, or discounts on future travel can encourage customers to share their experiences.


Create better e-commerce retail experiences

E-commerce platforms can ensure they offer the best experiences throughout the customer lifecycle by collecting actionable feedback during and after purchases. Encourage feedback by giving access to exclusive offers or handing out discount coupons/codes.


Keep your diners coming back

Restaurants can collect customer feedback to enhance dining experiences. Offering rewards, like free appetizers and desserts or meal discounts, can encourage patrons to provide feedback.


Conduct social and political research

Organizations conducting surveys related to social issues or political matters can offer incentives, such as digital badges, social media shout-outs, or access to webinars with experts.


Keep up with audience preferences

Media companies can gather opinions on content preferences and viewing habits. As rewards, they can offer free streaming subscriptions, movie tickets, or exclusive content releases.

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1. Can I integrate Zoho Survey with a rewards platform?

Yes, you can integrate Zoho Survey with any rewards platform through Zapier. To understand and learn more about how you can integrate other apps with Zoho Survey, click here.

2. What are the other ways I can integrate apps with my surveys?

Most of Zoho Survey apps have direct integrations. If there is no direct integration you can integrate using a Zoho Deluge script.