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Here’s what’s more in Zoho Survey

  • Survey building
  • Personalisation
  • Response Collection
  • Integrations
  • Reports
  • Offline Response Management
  • Sharing
  • Campaigns
  • Collaboration
  • Security
  • Data Privacy

    Zoho survey

Survey building  

  • Question Types   Zoho Survey offers an extensive range of 30 diverse question types, surpassing Qualtrics' selection of 24 question types, including a dedicated contact information question.



  • Drag and Drop Builder   The drag-and-drop builder simplifies the survey creation process, enabling you to craft surveys within minutes. You can effortlessly create questions with this full-fledged feature and easily publish your survey.



  • Templates  Gain access to a vast selection of over 250 professionally crafted templates, each thoughtfully designed to cater to various industries and sectors.



  • Scoring   Gain a deeper understanding of your organization's impact by assessing the inherent value of your work. Alternatively, transform a standard survey into an engaging quiz by assigning values to different answer choices.



  • Skip logic (Question + Page)   Skip logic is a dynamic feature that adapts the survey experience based on a respondent's previous answers. By tailoring subsequent questions or pages to match their responses, skip logic enhances survey relevance and eliminates the rigid constraints associated with traditional paper surveys.



  • Multilingual surveys   Zoho Survey offers an extensive translation capability, supporting surveys in over 90 different languages, surpassing Qualtrics' support for 78 languages. Additionally, Zoho Survey accommodates languages written from right to left, including Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian, ensuring a broader reach for your survey across diverse linguistic backgrounds.

    90+ languages


  • Custom variables   Custom variables empower you to seamlessly transmit supplementary information, such as email addresses or unique customer identification numbers. This functionality enables you to efficiently track and manage data within your reports, enhancing the depth of information you can collect and analyze.




  • Personalised themes   Choose from a wide array of themes and customize them to align with your design preferences. These themes extend seamlessly beyond the survey window, allowing you to maintain a consistent visual identity across your surveys and email campaigns.



  • Branding and White-labelling URL  Personalize your survey's URL, footer and header to match your brand identity. Additionally, you have the option to incorporate your own logo, ensuring a cohesive and branded appearance throughout your survey.



  • Auto fill   Pre-write answers to specific questions in your survey by utilizing the survey URL. This allows you to set default values or provide predefined information for certain questions, enhancing the respondent experience and streamlining data collection.



  • Piping  Piping enables you to dynamically modify or introduce new questions and insert follow-up questions in your survey, based on respondents' previous responses.



Response Collection 

  • Research Panels   Broaden your survey's reach by connecting with both B2C and B2B research panels tailored to your specific criteria. This approach allows you to tap into diverse audience segments and gather valuable insights across a wide spectrum of demographics and industries.



  • Email and SMS Distribution  Run an email or SMS campaign for your surveys from within the platform, track their status, and send automated reminders.



  • Website Insert   Insert popup surveys into your web pages to gauge visitor satisfaction and optimize your website




  • CRM & other applications​  Zoho Survey seamlessly integrates with Zoho CRM, ensuring all your app data gets transferred in a click. In addition to this, Zoho Survey integrates with Salesforce, Zapier, Power BI, Google Sheets, Microsoft Teams, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and various other applications within the Zoho Suite.

      (Zoho Suite, Salesforce)

      (Salesforce, Dynamics 365)


  • Custom Reports



  • Tag geolocation in reports   Increase the credibility of your research and participant responses by automatically capturing the geographic location of respondents in your reports. This enables you to gain insights into regional differences and ensures that your survey findings accurately represent the diversity of your audience.



  • Text Analysis  Enhance your comprehension of respondent feedback through the utilization of text analysis tools, such as sentiment analysis and word clouds. These functionalities offer a quick and comprehensive overview of the sentiments conveyed in text-based responses.



  • TURF analysis  Find the most effective combination for maximum reach or find the best communication channel for a product.



  • Exporting Reports  Facilitate informed decision-making with easily exportable reports available in multiple formats, including spreadsheets, XLS, CSV, PDF, SPSS, Tableau extract, and Zoho spreadsheet when using Zoho Survey. Additionally, the advantage is that all formats (excluding Tableau extract) are promptly downloaded to your device.



Offline Response Management 

  • Offline response collection   Gather offline responses that can be uploaded once you regain an internet connection. Additionally, you have the option to purchase responses for your survey research, allowing you to select respondents with precision, right down to the most specific demographic criteria.




  • Sharing  Utilize our distinctive hosting capabilities, which encompass custom domain links, QR code access, private group sharing, email distribution, and a plethora of other versatile features.




  • Campaigns  Synchronize your CRM or MailChimp contacts to craft personalized email campaigns seamlessly. Link your Zoho Campaigns account with Zoho Survey for effortless survey distribution to an extensive customer database.




  • Collaboration  As surveys are increasingly becoming a collaborative effort, we've taken steps to ensure effortless sharing. Zoho Survey enables the easy transfer and sharing of reports, making teamwork more seamless than ever.



  • Transfer surveys  Elevating collaboration to new heights, Zoho Survey offers you exclusive access to the complete Zoho suite of apps, including Zoho CRM and Campaigns.



  • Invite reviewers   Seek feedback from external experts to enhance the quality of your survey further.



  • Create department  Create departments and portals with custom access, roles, and permissions.




  • Security  Maintain the confidentiality of your survey data through protective measures such as password protection, CAPTCHA, and SSL certification.



Data Privacy  

  • ePHI labeling   With ePHI labelling, you can mark selected fields as personal health information in order to encrypt them by default.



  • Encrypt answers  For specifically selected questions, custom variables and responses can now be encrypted at rest (storage).


    Additional ~120 USD Per User

  • Anonymous Responses  Choose to not collect Personal Identifying Information, like names, email addresses, or phone numbers, by marking those fields as anonymous.



  • GDPR compliance   Zoho Survey ensures that data for all concerned data subjects is secure. We take full responsibility for this as the data processor.



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